Welcome to the Canadian Dental Specialties Association

The Corporation is the authoritative national voice of the collective of the member Canadian National Dental Specialty Organizations. It is dedicated to the representation and advancement of the Canadian Dental Specialties, the profession of dentistry nationally and internationally, the achievement of optimal oral health, general health and quality of life of Canadians, and the support of the profession of dentistry in the advancement of optimal oral health.

The Canadian Dental Specialties Association (CDSA) was formed, under direction, by a unanimous consensus of all nine recognized Canadian Dental Specialties. Letters patent were issued in January 2011 registering the CDSA nationally as a “not for profit” organization with Industry Canada. Founding directors, Dr. Christopher Robinson, Dr. Leland McFadden and Dr. John Perry turned governance over to the first CDSA Board and President in January of 2011.

CDSA International Research Presentation Award

The award is given to students who are undertaking dental specialty training in a recognized Canadian dental specialty, and who will be presenting their research at an international scientific conference.

Member Specialties

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